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for global education

This Is Me

A language series for under-7s

• Chinese-English / English-Chinese

• French-English / English French

• Free website with audio and more


Visual and contextual 

Physics workbooks

for students aged 14 to 16

Physipics Waves

SEPTEMBER SPECIAL: SIX FREE Physipics Waves books will be sent, one to each of six schools. Schools should be in six different countries. 

Go to the PHYSIPICS website to make contact for details.


See the world differently … a photography-based series


Journeys and observations in a big and beautiful country

From season to season

Personal exploration of beauty and biodiversity

For book enquiries and orders, please click

global editorial services

                                                           clarity + impact

Writing, design, language support and translation

… for BtoB

… for BtoC

… for Academic Publication

Clients include 

Higher Education Press

China’s leading publisher of academic research papers

Integrated and optimized text and design = clarity and conciseness

… for general audiences

… for professional peer-to-peer audiences

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