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Don’t settle for the usual routes to Higher Education …

   … go global … study in China

Shenzhen University is inviting applications for courses in Liberal Arts, Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Sports, and Creative Arts.

Shenzhen is a modern city with more than 16 million people, and has one of the world’s top ten largest city economies.

It’s also a friendly place with an enviable safety record and fantastic urban lifestyle opportunities.

The mountain on the left is in Shenzhen.

The hills on the right are part of Hong Kong

The PingAn Building is the fifth tallest in the world.

Charlie Fong

Click here to request a ‘Study in Shenzhen’ information pack in PDF format:

For Chinese students 

Why study in the UK?

•    There is a vast choice of excellent places to study and there are many different courses.

•    Undergraduate courses (to B.Sc., B.A., and so on) take only three years, so the whole process is not as expensive in most other countries.

•    First year students usually live in university accommodation. After the first year you can find private accommodation, usually sharing with other students.

•    The UK is a multicultural country. International students add to the cultural diversity, inside and outside universities. 

•    Cities have a rich mix of nightlife, sports, open-air markets, galleries, concerts.

•    After graduation, you can usually stay in the UK for up to two years to gain more work experience.

• personalised advice on courses & universities

• English language support

• guidance on application procedures

• university liaison, including on accommodation

• trouble-shooting assistance

We know universities, and we provide:

David Brodie, 

Smilite Ltd

A selection of David’s books

David is an author of many books, a former High School teacher and RLF Writing Fellow at Aberystwyth University

Our partner company in China

ZYE, Shenzhen

Zhiyuan Culture and Education Ltd (ZYE) was set up to provide support for students from Guangdong Province who wish to study abroad at university level.

Alice Lee, ZYE

Click here to request our 40 page CHOICES information pack on UK universities, application procedures, accommodation, and more

Useful links

UK Universities ranking list with an emphasis on student-centred issues: teaching quality, student experience, graduate employment

UCAS, the organisation that handles applications for undergraduate courses at UK universities

Information from UCAS specifically for international students.

Please note that our 40 page CHOICES information pack is a handbook written to help international students to learn about UK universities.

The CHOICES handbook has: 

Guidance on choosing courses and universities, including university profiles

Information about entry requirements including English language levels and matching to the Gaokao

Support on preparing a Personal Statement

Information on how the application process moves forward

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