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The Pingyao International Photography Festival

PIP – The Pingyao International Photography Festival is BIG in China, with many thousands of visitors and plenty of media attention.

This is an opportunity to engage with other photographers, at international level.

UK schools and universities are invited to submit students’ work for consideration for inclusion in the ‘youth’ section of the Festival.

Having work selected for an international exhibition is something that many professionals dream of.

Pingyao is an old walled city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Exhibit at the Pingyao International Photography Festival

Young photographers, aged up to 22, are invited to submit work for display at this year’s PIP Festival, 16-25 September.

• Present your best work to a large and expert international audience.

• Take part in Zoom exchanges with young Chinese photographers.

• Influence and be influenced … at international level.

• Gain an exhibitor’s certificate.

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