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Just Wondering 

‘It is rarely that I read a book cover to cover at one sitting. Never before have I wanted to re-read one immediately. A wonderful thought producing book. ... ’

Brian Gamble, former Director of Programmes, 

British Science Association (previously The BA)

‘a thinking book’

Student, anonymous

‘interesting and thought-provoking’

Mandy H, retired Headteacher

 ISBN 9781 739 6515 41

The Handbook of 



Information and inspiration, presented visually in images and captions

ISBN 9781 739 6515 72

An adaptable language acquisition resource package for young children (up to age 7) 

This Is Me

•  a series of six books (Book 1 to Book 6) as the project core

•  beautifully illustrated by Evgenia Malina, with child-friendly contexts

• free audio on the website

Immediate availability: 

Book ONE, Chinese-English                 ISBN 9781 739 6515 96

Book TWO, Chinese-English                 ISBN 9781 739 6515 58

Book ONE, French-English                   ISBN 9781 739 6515 89

Book TWO, French-English                   ISBN 9781 739 6515 65


Physipics Waves

ISBN 9781 739 6515 03

Visual and contextual 

Physics workbooks

for students aged 14 to 16

Physipics Particles

ISBN 9781 739 6515 34

Smilens  See the world differently … a photography-based series


Journeys and observations in a big and beautiful country

ISBN 9781 399 9160 66

From Season to Season

An exploration of beauty and biodiversity and of the relationship between our species and the rest of nature

ISBN 9781 739 6515 10

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